martes, 13 de abril de 2010

Conferencia Protecting Digital Content (FI-UDC-15 abril)

Conferencia: Protecting Digital Content
Ponente: Ernst L. Leiss. University of Houston
Lugar: Aula 2.6 da Facultade de Informática
Día y hora: Xoves 15 de abril de 2010, ás 12:30 horas.

Digital media are becoming increasingly more common as a repository and representation of intellectual property, especially audio, images, and video. With this ubiquity come requirements for security (who may gain access the content?) and integrity (is the information unadulterated/original?).

This presentation focuses on techniques for achieving security and integrity of digital content. We differentiate between one-step (a protected single-step transmission between origin and destination) and multi-step (the content passes through several hands in a protected way) methods. Also, we classify content as either text-based (text, programs) or signal-based (audio, video) and explain the salient characteristics. Within the context of these types of goals and objectives, we review various approaches towards achieving security or integrity.

Cryptography-based approaches are the traditional means of achieving these objectives. However, they have serious problems with signal-based content, most notably processing requirements, sensitivity to errors, or increases in the amount of data to be stored or transmitted. Also, they are only single-step.

Digital watermarks have recently attracted attention as an alternative approach to protecting digital content. While they do not achieve security nor are they directly applicable to text-based content, they can be used to realize multi-step integrity of signal-based content.